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Do you have an outdated Satchwell BAS 2800 or Staefa AS1000 Building Management System?

About Satrofit BMS cards

Many commercial and public sector buildings are still controlled using Satchwell BAS 2800 or Staefa AS1000 building management systems.  These powerful ‘rack mounted’ controllers were popular in the 1980’s and 90’s but today are obsolete.

Until now Building Managers have been faced with the capital cost and inconvenience of replacing the controls with modern equivalents.

For organisations that wish to adopt a new BeMS but do not have the capital or resource to replace their Satchwell BAS 2800 or Staefa AS1000 system, Hurtwood manufactures a replacement series of input and output cards. These fit straight into existing controls, allowing a rapid changeover to a new BMS.  

The Satrofit series offers the ability to upgrade from an old Satchwell BAS 2800 or Staefa AS1000 system to any BMS chosen - minimising down time and most importantly, cost.  

A cost effective alternative

There are many experienced installers who can integrate the Satrofit cards into any BMS. Contact Hurtwood for details on installers.

Experienced installers

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